Browse through our wide range of products for your Healthcare facility, ranging from AI based solutions to simple Clinic management tools.

Clinical AI/ ML solution

Most healthcare incidents happen due to human error. The AI backed by Electronic Health Records allows for safer and more personalized care. The Artificial Intelligence clinical software follows the algorithmic approach that recognizes computer vision, text, and recognition.

The AI offers plethora of opportunities in clinical solutions including medical image analysis, patient data analytics through Electronic Health Records, Medical fraud and data security solutions, faster and more accurate pharmaceutical research, and patient monitoring using wearable tracking devices.

Clinical Software

The clinical software enables clinics to handle day-to-day operations by automating numerous time-consuming tasks. The essential features include scheduling, billing, patient information, reporting, inventory management, and making the clinic completely paperless.

Keeping the reports centralized and up to date enables faster treatment and communication between patients, doctors, and insurance companies. Clinical solutions simplify administrative tasks so that doctors can focus more on the treatment of patients.

Telemedicine Solutions

The cloud-based telemedicine solution enables doctors to store healthcare data, reports, and patient data, which can be accessed remotely by other health facilities and specialists. This telemedicine solution can be easily accessed by an app that also allows for Real-time video conferencing, chat, store-and-forward technology and ePrescribe.

The Store-and-forward allows for sharing medical data like x-rays, MRI and CT scan graphs, etc. which can be easily accessed by a specialist sitting elsewhere in his/her clinic or hospital.

E-commerce & Payments gateway

eCommerce in healthcare is going to be the next big thing, with features like personalized products, advanced filters and extensive product information to show the customer before they buy. The healthcare eCommerce platform is extremely handy for Pharmacies, Laboratories, Dentistries and other care facilities.

Our robust and versatile eCommerce solution streamlines back-office and front-office processes which are highly automated, customized to your individual needs.

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